Sunday, 8 May 2011

At the Disco

Things I've learnt from Panic! at the Disco:

◆Everybody gets there & everybody gets their way◆
◆Some people will dance to anything◆
◆Diamonds really do appear to be just like broken glass◆
◆Have some composure, and pay attention to your posture◆
◆Remember to close the goddamn door◆
◆I could because I can, so I do◆
◆We should move along with renewed passion◆
◆Always seize a screaming photo op◆
◆Everybody needs a little poise & rationality◆
◆The world is a broken bone, but melt your headaches & call it home◆
◆We must never stop re-inventing◆

I've just been listening to Panic! at the Disco's old and new materials. Ryan Ross is an impressive lyricist. Since his departure from the band, the new material lack much of Ross's brand of metaphors, unusual word couplings, & clever tinge of homophones, but they're still good in their own right. Brendon Urie is learning quick on his own without Ross. We all are moving on.

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