Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Benefits of Bus Rides

1) You get to listen to your mp3.

2) And when a sad song comes on, you can look out the window & pretend you are in a movie.

3) Or not. You could just enjoy the view outside & be normal.

4) You can people-watch for new styles, awkward behaviours, or maybe even guess what they're talking about.

5) You get to take a nap if you need one.

6) Or you might want to plan what you need to get done for the day.

7) Sometimes, you could ponder about the meaning of life (or something philosophical just like that).

8) You can also read a book or do sudoku (or the daily crossword in the papers).

9) Maybe you can spend time justifying why it's alright to not give change to that beggar hounding you on the street every morning —because you feel bad every time you don't.

10) Or my personal favourite, memorizing how people look like so I can draw them later. 

This drawing was of the boy sitting opposite me in the bus last evening. He has beautiful curly hair & an amazing jawline. I really liked his Chuck Taylors as well —which I conveniently forgot to include in my drawing. 

He caught me gazing at him one time, and I properly panicked, I can tell you that: I dropped my bag & phone, and shifted my eyes all over the ceiling like a dodgy lizard because I didn't know where to park my sight. Yes, awkward is how I roll; but when I'd finally calmed down, he was kind enough to offer a faint smile. He was also very tired, I can tell. I hope he rests well. In fact, I hope everybody rests well. Have a good week ahead all of you, enjoy your bus rides, and be a fan of the journey as much as (or more than) the destination!
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