Friday, 6 May 2011

FRY day

Fridays are always all about fries. If we're not eating it, we're probably thinking about trying to. Crinkle fries are just the best for me, because I like how the ridges help my teeth out when I'm going in for the bite. Some of you may think I'm completely bonkers, but I like to know where exactly to sink my teeth. Curly fries are helpful for the same reason, but I'm generally partial to foodstuff that doesn't require much untangling. Anyways, back to the point I might have been trying to make....
French Fries are vegetables and so is ketchup, because they are made from real potatoes & tomatoes respectively. So.. when you smother French Fries in ketchup & eat all of it up, you can totally take pride in the possibility that you've eaten 2 servings of vegetables (which is about 1/3rd of the US Recommended Daily Nutritional Allowance). Sounds legit, right? Yes, probably. But do not quote me on this.
It's the weekend! And it's Spring. You should go outside & feel the sun (or rain) even if you don't want to. And while you're outside, you can think about this music video and how unusual it is that anybody would take chickens out on a ride in their car. 

I am actually off to research & draw up a plan for a blanket fortress before I can
run it over my roommate for a feasibility assessment & approval. She is really the wisest roommate in all the lands.
Try your best to have a good weekend, all of you! Adieu!

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