Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stay. Forever And A Day.

I had a post apocalyptic-esque dream last night. You know, the kind where a bomb goes off and everything dies, except you. I felt horrible! Half my body was burnt and so was half the forest I was in. 
And then I met Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, also badly burnt and staggering toward me for support. He was muttering at me how my scene was verging on hogwash because all good post-apocalyptic scenarios should by default include zombies

Then Howard & Raj agreed with Leonard. It was at this very moment that I realised half The Big Bang Theory cast was in my dream. I woke up. It was such a badass dream. The end.

I got up & out of bed, put on Don't Go Away by Oasis; I started Friday perfect.
My heart is at a good place this weekend. I hope yours is too.
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