Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I like it best when my friends say things that make me go "WUT!?" 

Who is this strange man that keeps telling me you're stuck in a gogurt tube & require the services of a handsome kar-toof-fel-poof-fer?
— Tom

I'm a bird, hear me chirp.
— Hazi

I'm not being cocky. It's only my low self esteem at an all time high.
— Tom

I want to go to Egypt to see those giant triangles.
— Stacy

In an alternate universe, happy could really mean sandwich. Or burrito.
— Tom

Being in poly makes me almost forget about my dream of becoming a bird.
— Hazi

He's got hair that says "Well hey, maybe shower didn't happen the last 5 nights."
— Toby

I want to poke you with this bendy straw & not face the consequence of retaliation.
I'm not yet war equipped.
— Ritchie

Today's last word in is of Tom explaining my sketch of us up here:
"Khai put sunglasses on my face because she's too lazy to draw eyes. She drew very inaccurately, but nobody gives a shit 'round here."
— Tomfoolery

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