Sunday, 1 May 2011

When You Have Only One Thing on Your Mind

Do any of you know that feeling you get when you crave for something, but you can't get it? Then someone offers you something like it, but it's just not the same? And no matter how much you try, you're just not satisfied? Well, I really wanted some Coke yesterday. Someone offered me a can of Pepsi, which was ridiculous —obviously. So I tried having some Root Beer and some Red Bull instead. Then I tried some dodgy looking already-opened-bottles of Spritzers from someone's fridge. In retrospect, that wasn't a very clever idea.

Then I called someone else to buy me a bottle of Coke. But that wasn't very clever either, because that only got me yelled at. I found Tom afterwards. You wouldn't believe my luck if I told you he had a bottle of Coke in his back pocket. But he did. While he was too pre-occupied with arranging his stack of notes, I took his Coke; because I needed it much more than anyone else in the world that day. Tom forgave me for stealing his bottled Coke because he's obviously my fran fo-eh-vah!! But also because I said Thank You.

So remember guys, manners matter. And I know this sounds mental, but Yellowcard's Only One was playing in the background of my head while I drank the Coke. Man, that Coke was good.
And that's the story of how I got my fix for a bottle of Coke yesterday. Determination wins.
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