Saturday, 4 June 2011

California Dreaming

Go on, guess.

A lot of people. 
About 24 million people visit California every year. HAHA!

I perused the internet to educate myself a bit more about California today. I found so much education, all relevant obviously. For starters, I sure didn't know that...

◆California is larger than 85 of the smallest nations in the world.
◆In 1997, enough strawberries were grown in Cali to circle the globe 15 times. Do you think they were maybe really fat strawberries with alien-modified genes? Because if they were, it's cheating.
◆Marin County in the north of San Francisco is said to have the highest concentration of hot tubs & BMWs. Very impressive, no?
◆The state motto is EUREKA!
◆Eureka is Greek for "I've found it!"
◆Norma Jean's reel name was Marilyn Monroe. Norma is a terrible sounding name isn't it?

My perusing was short-lived though. California Gurls ate my concentration up like it's Katy Perry's bra. That guitar solo at the end of this video is pretty sick; I highly recommend you check that out at least.

◆California is also the birthplace of Theme Parks.
Hello Disneyland. I cannot wait to meet you again!

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