Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Flying & Swimming. And Sometimes Walking.

It was six years ago since I first travelled unescorted. You'd think I'd have come a long way since then, but not really. I'm still convinced flying is meant only for birds. And Peter Pan.

Although I am travelling as a seasoned lone ranger now, I try my best to never let the dullness of routine flights be mistaken as cavalier —the anxiety of flying still crawls under my patchy skin to play jungle gym in my gut. But lucky me, I have the survival instincts of a wild sloth. I can sit, sleep, and watch movies all flight long like I was born to achieve the lowest metabolism levels humanly possible. Travelling is always great fun despite the inevitability of becoming anxious or jaded. The trick is not to give in to the disappointments of familiarity.

To keep as many of my experiences fresh, I usually take some time before travelling to make a playlist of songs specific & relevant to the pending trip. At the very least, the mood is set for a holiday.

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