Saturday, 18 June 2011

Things that go pop

Some things I still don't understand:

1) Why do people spit on pavements?
If you must, aim well 74° to the left/right. 
It's quite hard to miss the wide perimeters of green flanking your peripherals.

2) Badly coloured hair.
It looks like someone spray painted that hair in radioactive waste.

3) "Voice" Echos in music. 
And I really mean echos, as in, striking-a-hollow-metal-tube type of echo. 
I really can't understand what you're singing in all 
that echo your voice is synthetically making.

4) Cats.

5) Why people stare all funny when my Scooby Doo ringtone comes on. 
The song is awesome, hello?

6) Extremely short shorts/skirts/dresses.
Their questionable functionality is like a trip down a bottomless pit.

7) Why do pies taste so good?

8) How do lasers on light-sabers end at a certain definite length? 
(I always thought lasers extend out to infinity).

9) Rolling in the deep. Why would you roll in it? 
The only place I would roll in is bed, and usually, also in a potato-sack-rolling race.

10) People's economy-sized ego.
Excess baggage alert.

Also, I'd just like to remind everybody to not underestimate too quickly silly sounding people who spend the best part of their time filling conversations with silly strange things. Just because people don't act like they care doesn't mean they don't understand. Not everybody is exactly the way they talk. 

My sister is amazing & lovely, and smart. It saddens me always when people think so little of her just because she prefers making others laugh rather than being so serious all the time. She knows more than she will ever let on.

And finally, remember to call (or visit) your dad this weekend! Have a good one guys. Cheers.
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