Saturday, 23 July 2011

The common ground we all should know

This is Maika Maile from There For Tomorrow.

He's just another person. But, there are a few things I've come to admire about him. Maika Maile just keeps going. He just keeps rock 'n' rolling. He addresses through music some of the life altering questions that you're only supposed to get to when you're beyond your matured 30s. At the same age, it impresses me that he is struggling to find compromise in resolving these issues now —while the most I usually do in a day is worry silly about that next zit that's treating my face like the pages of a pop-up book.

The thing about listening to pieces from a band that writes music from the soul is that it all builds up to a moment where you find yourself sitting alone on your bedroom floor thinking "Yeah. I understand these words. I think I feel where they're coming from."

Although it might not be something they set out to do, There for Tomorrow's music changes you. There's this growing self-courage mounting to a realization that you shouldn't be intimidated by the future, because it's not trying to scare you; that little things, like having white hair at 21, is something to get over quickly & move on from; that you won't be understood a lot, but that's not a reason to quit speaking out. I'm talking here about the valour involved in acknowledging that the past is a big deal, but tomorrow is bigger.

And do you know why it's so important to get over things?

Because whenever you move on, you're understanding that everything that happens is not about you, it's above you.

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