Friday, 22 July 2011

When this party ends, get up & do it again

Ten perfectly practical events when purging 
is socially tolerable/forgivable (today):

  1. During an e-coli outbreak.
  2. If you are a baby, burping.
  3. When you're dying from accidentally devouring too much drugs.
  4. After being french-kissed by a tobacco-chewing-hippie.
  5. When you are being tortured.
  6. In bins at amusement parks.
  7. When you accidentally swallowed important non-edible things —like a pen cap, without which your pen will otherwise run out of ink.
  8. At Fight Club, after getting punched on a full stomach.
  9. On a boat.
  10. If you are a cow.

Also, 11.  Preggers alert!

When did vomiting start becoming a deviant behaviour? It's intriguing considering that back in ancient Rome, vomitoriums were built into public arenas for the purpose of people vomiting in them. Vomitoriums allowed ancient Romans to vomit during feasts so they could get right back to eating after. Today, vomiting carries all sorts of socially constructed negative connotation. I guess it was more acceptable for people to have "eating disorders" back then; not so much today. Society has a real flair for breaking an individual's psyche & manufacturing people with problems. In fact, for the most part, the majority of us are only messed-up because society told us that we were. Quite fascinating, isn't it?
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