Thursday, 11 August 2011

10 sec conversations that makes the day alright

I've got 99 problems, 'cause a geek solved 1.

Me: Is that a gaming character?
Kevin: No.
Me: Like, from an online game you play?
Kevin: No.
Me: Like, your avatar?
Kevin: It's just a picture of a robot.
Me: A special robot?
Kevin: No.
Me: Why would you have a picture of this random robot?
Kevin: Because it looks nice.
Me: Haha. You're so geeky.
Kevin: Don't tease me.
Me: But, why not?
Kevin: Because I'm fixing your computer.

Some people get so serious when it comes to computers.
It was serious, actually. I had to re-do all of my lost statistics for my report. 
But, at least I'm smiling.

I've also been trying to draw Batman for the past 5 days.
It was very hard.

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