Monday, 15 August 2011

Separation anxiety

I don't think Becky knows this, but I've developed an unhealthy emotional attachment to her. She feeds me when I'm hungry, and lets me curl up on the couch & bed. She lets me roll around on the rug and lets me sing songs tunelessly even at 2 in the morning. She likes taking credit for the habits she rubs off on me. And it's probably true that I'm turning into someone like her; at least I hope I am. She's not too shabby of a person to be. In fact, she's very much like a hero to me, towel caped, masked disguise, and all. I'm going to miss her when she leaves me to be impressive all on my own. I'm a little scared too.
Becky: Call me when you're coming home. I might be hungry.
Me: Roger that, Miss.
Becky: Ten four. Over and out.

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