Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer sun

Do you know what is the most awkward thing about being short here?

It is my clumsy turning around & walking into other people's nipples.

I wish I was joking. Where most people get excited to see topless men, I see potential sticky misadventures. Trust me, even you wouldn't want to walk into a stranger with sweaty and/or hairy chest in this summer heat. It's just nasty (even if he's hot). I mean, you don't even know where that chest has been. I wish I could say that all I need is to be more agile, but these topless summer guys, they don't give a damn what they walk into. They just take me charmingly by my shoulders and say "Whoa! Careful there.." and smile cheekily as if they think I enjoy walking into their sweaty sexy bodies. Really, guys, really? Unlike other wild animals, humans seem to grow their skin a little thicker in the summer.
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