Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Up in the air

I've always thought that the butt have very little nerve endings because buttocks are meant to be sat on mostly, and therefore least receptive to pain, correct? But, no. I feel pain in my buttocks after 13 hours of sitting. This does not make sense. I am so confused.

Anyhow, I'm off again on another plane, and I'm just thinking about how airline food is very horrible. I've been told that our taste-buds are supposedly dulled at high altitudes. So, it is, in fact, our dysfunctional bodies that screws our ability to experience good food high up in the sky! And here I thought all along that the international gourmet chefs hiding in the compartments between the loos were screwing up our in-flight dining just for fun. Haha. That's flying economy for you! I'll catch you guys in a week! Have a good couple of days everybody.

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