Sunday, 11 September 2011

If she wears a new dress every day..


This dress I'm wearing, fits me fine.
So fine, I thought, I should buy nine.
But nine's eight too many, now standing in line.
This line's too long. Do I really need this dress as mine?
Of course, silly girl. The dress makes you shine.
It makes me shine.
I paid. And now it's mine. 
I think I'm pretty now, leaving the line.
And I think again, I don't need nine.
One dress is enough to help me feel fine.

I'm nagged at often of my apparent shallowness like it's some plaguing disease. Well hey! Newsflash, people, I love being called shallow! Do you know what I love more than being shallowly labelled as shallow? Buying new dresses. You know, there ain't nothing wrong with being shallow. There are times where shallow is what gets you through the day. Besides, I don't know how buying a new dress for myself affects other people in any (negative) way. Society flatters me too much by insinuating powerful influence on my part where none exist. Really guys, stop it. You're making me blush.

(art by Lauren Ann Dorotheo)
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