Saturday, 5 November 2011

Waiting on something other than this

It makes me so frustrated sometimes knowing that we are being charged for knowledge. That we can be charged for companionships, charged to be listened to, and charged for life. Some professions, I feel, should not exist at all as such, but everyone is only trying to make a living in this pay-as-you-go world we've built. Life has become pricey to its rotten core. How irrevocably modern of us all.

I sometimes find that the more I'm educated, the more I find myself shackled to the reality of my society. It has the undesirable, perhaps accidental, effect of demoralizing my humanity. That the world I live in was forged on a paradigm of endless oppression and subordination, and continues to be run as such. If society was an organism, money would run through its veins. Power is its brain, and its heart, an amalgamation of fat tyrannical men with their branded bags of riches.

But, I can remain optimistic that through my education, I might some day discover why I must live in such disappointments. Perhaps the day will come where enlightenment would eventually give me my piece of mind. 
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